Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not-a-JiffyCon at Modern Myths on September 17th

*apologies in advance for cross-posting*

Dear JiffyCon Adherents,

For all those of you who have been waiting in suspense about informal gaming this Saturday (September 17th), wait no longer!

We will be holding a no-frills, Not-a-JiffyCon playdate at the new attic space above Modern Myths* (http://www.modern-myths.com/) in Northampton, MA starting at 11 a.m.** (when the store opens) until whenever we are given the boot. Modern Myths thus earns the title of our sole sponsor and space provider.

* IMPORTANT: The landlord is waiting until the last minute to tell us if we are actually able to use the attic space in Modern Myths, but has guaranteed us an alternate space. Therefore, it's best that you watch for updates from us over the next few days. And when in extreme doubt, just check with the friendly folks at Modern Myths first and they'll know where we are.

**...and if the venue isn't Modern Myths, we'll try to start earlier at 9 a.m. if we can. Like I said, check for updates from us.

So, what does "no frills" mean?

Well, as opposed to the normal JiffyCons, we will not:

* be charging an entrance fee.
* formally organizing GMs into events. Sign-up sheets might happen
* pre-determining slots beforehand. We'll do that on-site, eyeballing the length of games, etc.
* providing childcare (though we wish we could!)
* providing snacks beyond rudimentary offerings from that of generous private donors (i.e. everybody who comes)
* organizing other outside fun things such as a banquet, a designer's breakfast
* having vendors present besides, of course, Modern Myths

We're talking about a space, some tables, some chairs, some great people and some great games, all for the cost of just showing up on Saturday.

The next official JiffyCon is, as stated earlier, postponed until next year, when a suitable regular venue presents itself to the organizing committee.

Thanks for your patience and we'll see those of you can make it on Saturday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Important News about Jiffy in September

Big changes for Jiffy in September! Due to some unforeseen circumstance, we won't be able to hold the full Jiffy that we'd planned, with banquet and kid care. If you have pre-paid for the event, we will refund your registration. We were very excited to have Jiffy at the Pushkin, and hope to do so in the future!

Instead, we are holding a Little Jiffy: a free game day where we will get together, play role playing games and board games, and possibly spend time together afterwards in a spontaneous and freeform way. The site will be in Northampton, MA, and the final details are being confirmed now, and we'll post information here as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you want to come! Many of the games scheduled for JiffyCon will be run! We're excited to have fun in a scaled down way, and hope to see you there.

To let us know you're coming email: