JiffyCon Game List

Game list for JiffyCon West on June 11th, 2016. More info here.

Barking at the Moon
RPG 2-6 players Playtest  
GM & Designer: Emily Care Boss

A hack of Shooting the Moon to be released in the upcoming Romance Trilogy. A love triangle between a beloved mortal and two supernatural creatures! How will love conquer what magic and power threaten? A co-gm'd, competitive game. No kids, please (18+)



Beyond Our Walls
RPG  4-6 players Playtest  
GM & Designer: Robert Bohl

In this game, you are living-tech-using aliens who live in the walled city of Sonorous. Your characters are members of the city's Corps. The Corps is an organization found in every city, tasked with keeping people and goods safe in the extremely dangerous wilds between cities, or venturing into the wilderness to save people (especially those who live nomadically or in unwalled settlements) or retrieve lost things. It's got a simple, flexible, card-based structure, rotating GMs, and a key mechanic involves making bad sketches. This game can accomodate adults and teens 15 and over.


Board Game 4 players Playtest
Facilitator: Andrew Barnes
Designers: Andrew Barnes and Thaddeus Kelly

A tongue-in-cheek throwback to classic dungeon-delving roguelikes.  This game can accommodate adults and children 12+ year.


Damn the Man, Save the Music!   
RPG 4 players Finished but unpublished
GM & Designer: Hannah Shaffer

Damn the Man, Save the Music! is a game about making a last-ditch effort to save something you love. Play a ragtag group of underachievers, overachievers, street philosophers, and misfits united by one cause: to rescue your local record store from the oppressive hand of the man and keep the music playing. No kids, please (18+)


Dread Geas of Duke Vulku
RPG 6 players  Published
GM & Designer: Epidiah Ravachol

“You have long since freely given yourselves over to the Duke’s sorcerous sway. His needs are your needs. His safety is your every thought. His command is as your own desire. You are precious to him and he is more so to you.” A game of horror and wonder in the vein of Dread by the original author, Epidiah Ravachol. No kids, please (18+)


Fall of Magic
RPG 4 players Published
GM: Sam Anderson
Designer: Ross Cowman

Fall of Magic is a collaborative story game in the tradition of the fantasy journey where the landscape, hospitality, and exploration of our character’s relationships take center stage, played across an unrolling cloth map. This game can accommodate adults and children 10+ years.



Hearts Blazing
RPG 3-5 players Published
GM & Designer: Glenn Given

Hearts Blazing is a casual storygame for 3 to 5 players who have a love of episodic fiction and about 90 free minutes. After generating a fiction setting together, players take on the roles of dynamic but recognizable spec-fic archetypes.

Drawing episode frameworks from a plotline deck, players collaboratively create an episodic epic of conflict and romance. By bidding clichés on each episode they capture keywords associated with their hidden motivations and compete to see who has final say on the fate of their story. No kids, please (18+).



Let's Talk About It
Party Style Game 3-6 players Playtest
GM & Designer: Aytug Gencoglu

Players take turns trying to make 1 minute speeches. Topics are drawn from a card deck, and other players offer "twist" cards that add a stipulation to the speech, such as "Speak like a politician." The speaker chooses one twist, and tries to speak without blanking out while keeping to the topic and twist. This game accomodates adults and children ages 13+. Card contents are rated "E" for everyone.

Short game. Will be run in same session with Sell! Sell! Sell! (see below)


Murderous Ghosts
RPG  3-8 players Published
GM: Elliot Baker
Designer: Vincent Baker

Players will collectively play a resourceful character exploring a place that has become spooky and strange. You may or may not get murdered by ghosts. This game can accommodate players aged 15 and up.


Ramble in the New-mown Hay
A walking and talking game!
Up to 9 players Published
GM & Designer: Meguey Baker

Ramble in the New-mown Hay is a game of observation and unexpected turnings. All ages can play!

This game will run over part of the lunch break and will involve a stroll around campus. This game does require participants to be mobile, but can accommodate mobility aids as needed.


Sell! Sell! Sell!
Board Game
2-4 players Playtest
GM & Designer: Aytug Gencoglu

Players start with a stock portfolio. They play for 4 timed rounds. Each round, they sell up to 10 shares of their stocks. The prices fall as stocks are sold, so they do not know for sure how much money they will get as they sell. After 4 rounds, the market crashes, and the player who retained most value wins. This game can accommodate adults and children ages 13+.

Short game. Will be run in same session with Let's Talk About It (see above).


Ten Candles
RPG 2-6 players Published
GM: Stephen Dewey 
Designer: Stephen Dewey

Ten Candles is a tragic horror tabletop storytelling game. You will tell the story of a world that has gone dark, monsters that lurk just beyond the light's edge, and the desperate survival of those left behind. Ten Candles is played by the light of ten (LED) tea light candles. As the game progresses, the candles will darken one by one, bringing your game towards its inescapable end. 

In Ten Candles you don’t need to worry about survival. Here, there are no survivors. In the final scene, all of the characters will meet their grisly end. This isn’t a story you can win. Instead, Ten Candles allows you to examine the final hours in the lives of a group of survivors desperate to make an impact on the world with their few hours left. Keep moving, don’t lose hope, and stay in the light! No kids, please (18+)



The Ward
RPG 3-6 players Playtest
GM & Designer: Kevin Petker

Medical Drama, Powered by the Apocalypse. Life, death, and walking the fine line between, while low on coffee. Medical drama role-playing with the player characters on the front lines; juggling their patients' lives, their social lives, and their own sanity as the pressure mounts. No kids, please (18+)

The Warren
RPG 3-4 players Published
GM: Tresi Arvizo
Designer: Marshall Miller

The Warren is about intelligent rabbits trying to make the best of a world filled with hazards, predators and, worst of all, other rabbits. It's a game about survival and community. Only through speed, wits, and keeping a cool head will the warren survive!

Inspired by Watership Down among other animal stories. Powered by the Apocalypse. This game can accommodate adults and children ages 12+.



Weird War I Preview
RPG 6 players  Finished but unpublished
GM & Designer: James L. Cambias  

Get a sneak preview of Pinnacle Entertainment Group's Weird War I, a roleplaying game of military horror against the world-shattering backdrop of World War I! Your squad has been assigned to find out why a quiet sector of the Western Front has seen dozens of men vanish without a trace. Is it some new weapon of the Hun . . . or something far more terrifying? This game can accommodate adults and children 12 and up.