Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jiffy Games at Connecticon

JiffyCon is run by a group of folks who love, play and design small press independent role playing games. Several of us traveled down to Connecticut to check out a big convention that was new to us: ConnectiCon.

ConnectiCon is a huge (up to 10,000 attendees) con, focused on fandoms of all varieties. Their description, that it is "a massively, multi-genre pop culture convention" is dead accurate. A couple of us went last year, and decided to test out having a booth to sell games. The organizers of the convention graciously invited us to participate as Industry Guests and made us feel very welcome. We had a great time meeting a lot of new people, learning about many new shows, books, comics (like the great stuff from Rare Earth Comics), games (Dungeon Crawl Classics is out!), memes and pop culture fiction--and getting to share about our games & indie publishing as well!

Big greetings to everyone we talked with during and after the Gaming Guest Meet & Greet (lovely to meet Michael Brock, mastermind of the Paizo Pathfinder Society there), the Creating Indie Games panel, OSR, Swords & Sorcery and the Sex (in gaming) on the Table panel. Props to our Nerd NYC friends who held down the weekend with near non-stop Marvel Superheroic game system and ran a mess of other great panels as well. And our friendly neighborhood gaming story Modern Myths was in the house! We'd love to see all our nearby new friends at a JiffyCon to play games you bought or talked to us about, and we're looking forward to seeing you all again at ConnectiCon next year.

Here's information about our companies and games: 
Night Sky Games (Psi*Run, and the soon to come out 2nd edition of 1001 Nights--check out the 1001 Nights IndieGoGo going on now! )

Lumpley Games (Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World, Murderous Ghosts and the soon to come out Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack)

the glyphpress (Shock: Social Science Fiction, Human Contact and the soon to come out Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack

Dig a Thousand Holes (Dread House and the soon to come out Swords without Master)

 Black & Green Games (Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon, Dread House)

Misspent Youth Games (Misspent Youth)

Cel*Style Game Studio -- a group of designers (Maid, Panty Explosion, GxB, BxB, The Magical Land of Yeld, Clover, Classroom Death Match, and the soon to come out Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack)

Machine Age Productions (Machine Zeit)

Incarnadine Press (Serial Homicide Unit)