Game Development Communities & Support Organizations
Glow Lime Games - building the community of professional game developers at Hampshire and the Five College area.

Owl and Raven - offers events to support and connect creative communities throughout western Mass.

Pioneer Valley Game Developers - a group of game developer enthusiasts located in Western Massachusetts.

Valley Nerd Watch - all the news you need if and only if you are a nerd in the Pioneer Valley.

Western MA Coffee and Game Design - sign up to this G+ Community to find out when we get together to talk about games. We've started doing Museum & Game Design visits, too.

Game Design Companies
Black & Green Games - Emily Care Boss

Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing - Epidiah Ravachol

For Great Justice Games - Dev Purkayastha

the glyphpress - Joshua A.C. Newman

Games by Play Date - Meg McGinley, Daniel Brian and Glenn Given

Gravity Press Games - Grant Gigee

Lumpley Games - Vincent Baker

Make Big Things - Hannah Shaffer, Evan Rowland and Brian Van Slyke

Misspent Youth Games - Robert Bohl

ndpdesign - Nathan Paoletta

Night Sky Games - Meguey Baker

Posthuman Studios - Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jack Graham and Adam Jury

Spoiled Flush Games - Kevin Spak and Sam Liberty

Stone Baby Games - Julia Bond Ellingboe

Two Scooters Press - Elizabeth Shoemaker, Shreyas Sempat

Zygote Games - Jim Cambias

And many more!

Brilliant Gameologists

Independent Insurgency

Local Gaming Stores
Greenfield Games, Greenfield, MA

Modern Myths, Northampton, MA

Off the Wall Games, Hadley, MA

Pandemonium Books and Games, Cambridge, MA

Worlds Apart Games, Amherst, MA

X9 Games, Hadley, MA

Local Restaurants and Venues
All Soul's Church, Greenfield, MA

The Brass Buckle, Greenfield, MA

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 

Hampton Inn & Suites, Greenfield, MA

Unity Church, Somerville, MA

Online Game Fulfillment
The indie rpgs un-store

The Forge RPG Bookshelf

Indie Press Revolution

Drive Thru RPG

Bits and Mortar