Monday, March 19, 2018

Living Games Conference May 17-20, 2018

You're invited to Living Games Conference, May 17-20, 2018, at the Boston Marriott Peabody, in Peabody, MA.

Living Games presented by New England Interactive Literature is a conference devoted to discussing all aspects of live action role-playing (larp) theory and practice: from keynotes to panels, from workshops to play. It encompasses larp-related fields such as interactive theater, tabletop games and game technology. We invite all interested parties to attend, including academics, game designers, players, organizers, and enthusiasts.
Our aim is to create a space for healthy discourse between multiple larp and larp adjacent communities within North America and abroad. Living Games is a place for boffer larpers to collaborate with freeform role-players, for theatre style players to exchange ideas with simulation experts. We especially hope to encourage dialogue between theorists and practitioners who wish to advocate for larp and innovate the form.

As a special welcome, you can use the code JiffyCon-LGC2018 to register in groups of 3+ and get $20 off each standard badge ($165 is discounted to $145). This includes a mid-day meal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For students, those with financial need, and international attendees, subsidized badges for individuals are available as made possible by contributions from other attendees. We encourage first time attendees to apply. For those who are able, Benefactor badges ($300) and professional/academic badges ($250) pay for your badge and provide funds for the subsidized badge fund. Or purchase a $40 subsidy directly as an add-on to your badge.

Prior to the conference there is a Week in Boston--with meetups, touring and games held in the Boston/Somerville area mostly along the Red Line (subway/train), and a one-day Role Playing and Simulation in Education conference on May 17, 2018. If you register for Living Games, attendance at all the events are included. But you can attend Week in Boston events or the Role-Play and Simulation day separately. Meet-ups and tours for Week in are free to drop in. Passes for Week in Boston evening games and the Role Play and Simulation day will be available in April.

Thank you, and hope to see you in May!


How it works: people who register in groups of three or more using your code receive a $20 discount off of each standard badge purchased. The prices is $165, so their cost will be $145. They go to the registration page, select the green "Registration" button, then select the option at the top of the window "Enter Promotional Code,"  and enter the code:  JiffyCon-LGC2018 When three people's registrations are added, the discount kicks in.

Register at:

Deadline for registration is May 14, 2018.