Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dance and the Dawn + Avant-Garde Dance Party, April 27

You are invited to a game and dance party run by the Western Massachusetts Interactive Literature Society (WMILS). If you have friends interested in live-action role-playing and/or artistic improv parties, please pass this info along! 

The Dance and the Dawn + Avant-Garde Dance Party
Saturday -- April 27, 2013
Art Party Studio @ Eastworks -- Easthampton, MA
7 p.m. - midnight (though it may start earlier, since we have the space)
Price: $10 per person for the space, plus whatever you want to chip in with regard to drinks/food

Once upon a time...

This game tells the tale of six beautiful Ladies who came to the court of the Queen of Ice for a masked ball, and there danced with seven noble Lords, all in pursuit of the True Love that could heal their hearts. Will they find their Happily Ever After? Or will they lose their soul and become the next Queen of Ice? 

Join us for this live-action game by Dev Purkayastha!

Followed by an Avant-Garde Dance Party. Fancy/fantastical dress encouraged. Mask-making and character creation will be done on site.

Curious? See how this game that has been run all around the world:

Want to come? Pre-register for the event by emailing jiffycon-at-gmail-dot-com. 

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  1. I would definitely want to be a part of this show. Even I am a theatre artist and I love doing and watching such plays and shows. My show is also lined up for next month in some event space, I will also give details about my show very soon, but first let’s focus on this one.